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Welcome to Lena Lindahl's English homepage.
I am from Sweden and I have worked in the interface between Japan and other countries since 1989.
Currently I specialize in promoting learning exchanges between Sweden and Japan in the field of sustainability, environment and energy.

In spring 2013 I started a company in Iwaki, Fukushima: Connect Japan

Contact: llindahl@igc.org

Last English update of this page: 10 March 2014

Interview on the homepage of The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, September 2012
Focus: Lena Lindahl of Sustainable Sweden Association

Who is Lena Lindahl ? 
Board Member & Japan Representative
Sustainable Sweden Association

Lena was born in Sweden and is based in Tokyo since 1989. She is committed to promoting sustainable development as a lecturer and organizer of learning opportunities in Sweden and Japan. A popular and engaging guide, she brings Japanese visitors to leading examples of sustainable development in Sweden. Energy, education, city planning, policy development, gender issues and democracy are topics on the agenda of visits to government agencies, municipalities, schools and NGOs as well as factories and forests. While representing the Sustainable Sweden Association in Japan Lena is a self-employed service provider as well as a social entrepreneur. Fluent in Japanese and deeply familiar with Japanese society she negotiates the intricacies of inter-cultural communication with ease. Since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima set off by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, Lena is determined to take part in bringing about a shift from nuclear to renewable energy in both Japan and Sweden.

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Interview in the Japan Times. Jul.12, 2011
Swedish environmentalist fears no one will be conditioned to stand up for nature - Youth said to need voice, opinions


Services I can provide for companies, organizations and media from outside Japan:

- interpretation Japanese/English and Japanese/Swedish
- set up meetings and plan the schedule for your visit so that your time can be spent efficiently
- research about Japanese environmental legislation and policies from Japanese sources
- for media I can do research in advance and I can help find persons to interview. I have a big network after all my years in Japan. I can set up interviews and plan logistics.
- write articles about various environmental or sustainability topics, including interviews.
- I can set up lecturing opportunities for lecturers coming from abroad, even a lecturing tour. I may be able to find some of the funding.
- arrange eco-tours or study visits for just a day or several days. I cooperate with a travel agency specializing in tours with a sustainabilty focus.

Other ideas about what you might want to do to promote sustainabilty in Japan are also welcome!

Last English update: 25 October 2012

★ Interview with Lena Lindahl by Joanna Stefanska and Wolfgang Hafenmayer who travel around the world interviewing people for a book with the title "MyImpact". Read more about their project on the MyImpact page (March 2006).

Interview with Lena Lindahl on the Think the Earth homepage (April 2001).

About the newsletter "Sweden Environment News"

For 7 years ( 1997-2003 ) I published a Japanese language newsletter called "Sweden Environment News" about environment and energy issues in Sweden and Sweden's efforts to become a sustainable society ("Sustainable Sweden"). It consisted of three A4-size pages and I sent it out to paying subscribers monthly by fax and e-mail from my base in Tokyo. I am now planning to put all the back numbers in pdf format on the Japanese page for the newsletter where some back numbers are already available. The newsletter paved the way for much of my other work such as lectures in Japan and study tours to Sweden.

Sustainable Sweden Tours

Since 2002 I organize Sustainable Sweden Tours for Japanese speakers together with other members of the Sustainable Sweden Association and the eco-tourism organizer Reborn Inc. in Tokyo.

Learning about environmental
education in a school.

The Sustainable Sweden Association also organizes tours for English speakers. See their homepage for more information.

Good English information source for sustainability, environment and energy information on Japan:

Japan for Sustainability

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